Heidi Brucker Morgan
Host, Clown, Actress, Writer

"Will have you similtaniously cringing and crying with laugher."

                      -Perth Now News
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"Engaging, captivating, and outrageously funny."
                   -Dan Maddux,
Executive Director American Payroll Association


"The incredibly game Heidi Brucker's Juliet motor-boated a hot girl in the front row, scissored a happy lesbian sporting a mullet, then spilled real tears in the contemplation of a love without honor."

       -Jason Roher, Stage and Cinema

"Funny? Yes. Shocking? Absolutely."

      -The Chicago Sun Times
"The platinum-headed Princess Wendy lorded over this glorious low-brow affair with mucho enthusiasm and her magic wand."

          -City Newspaper, Rochester NY