Heidi Brucker Morgan
Host, Clown, Actress, Writer

"So funny!" 
         - Brad Garrett

            - Robin Leach

'Heidi get me a popsicle!"
              - Garry Marshall

International actress, clown, host, comedienne and writer who has enjoyed grabbing Ashton Kutcher's boob, grossing out Gallagher, interviewing Larry King, and confusing the Germans. 
  1. Red Carpet
    Red Carpet
    "Tell me Mr. King, is this lovely lady your wife or your daughter?"
  2. Absinthe
    Heidi regularly appears on the Las Vegas strip as the adorably despicable assistant to the Gazzilionaire, Daisy Dibbles (aka Wanda Widdles)
  3. Shotspeare!
    Is that an authentic Wall Street Journal lithograph? Why yes it is! The hit drinking game show, Shotspeare, of which Heidi is a co-founder, was featured in the very serious newspaper during their NYC run.
  1. Las Vegas
    Catch Heidi regularly as she appears as the wacky, unhinged, and very naughty assistant to the Gazillionaire in the number one show in Las Vegas history, 'Absinthe' at Caesar's Palace.
  2. International Clowning
    Heidi is one half of the husband-wife comedy duo, "The Morgans". Matt and Heidi have traveled the globe appearing in numerous productions together including Spiegelworld's tours of Empire and Absinthe, Circus Flic Flac, Q Productions, Viva Fest, and various corporate events.
  3. Producing/ Writing/Perf
    Heidi has co-produced, co-written and performed in a number of circus-variety shows as well as the Shakespeare drinking game phenom, 'Shotspeare' in Los Angeles, NYC, the Adelaide Fringe, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Rocheter, NY and various other theatrical productions.